gregory allan

designer | creative director 


Born in Africa, I developed an obsession for drawing at a young age, to the point that my pyjamas were covered in marker stains. As I got older I became aware that through creating something, I could invoke a change in people. I've dabbled in producing experimental music, printed t-shirts on my kitchen table, painted and photographed random things all with the objective to change how people feel.


Design is the organisation and augmentation of communication with a customer or user. What excites me about it is the way it constantly changes and evolves due to it's hybridization of art, technology and psychology. I enjoy crafting beautiful work, but the best part is putting myself into the shoes of the audience to develop strategic messaging that is convincing and of relevance.


I have had extensive experience with the full adobe suite which I have employed to design for print, broadcast, cinema and web, across entertainment, fashion and corporate finance. I take great pleasure analyzing data to understand user behavior to develop a U.X. strategy, that benefits both the user and business.


In 16 years as a designer, working in both in an agency and in-house environments, I have amassed quite a large set of practical design skills. From print to web to broadcast and even writing the odd bit of music, I can use pretty much every bit of Adobe software there is. I have an excellent understanding of typography, visual hierarchy and gestalt theory in composition. These combined with an understanding of user experience and the relationship between a brand and it’s clientele allows me to see the big picture when it comes to delivering communications through all media channels. On top of all of this I’m not averse to doing a bit of coding and not at all afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty.


My process starts with research, looking at the types of persona of the target audience, who they are what sort of language they use, the types of imagery, typography and colour pallette they would be drawn to. Making a list of keywords, phrases and ideas which are then distilled into mood boards reflecting the creative direction that would evoke the desired emotions from user/customer. These explorations will also inform the user journey, in this has not already been decided in which case the user journey would then inform the creative direction.

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