gregory allan

designer | creative director 


Born in Africa, I developed an obsession for drawing at a young age, to the point that my pyjamas were covered in marker stains. As I got older I became aware that through creating something, I could invoke a change in people. I've dabbled in producing experimental music, printed t-shirts on my kitchen table, painted and photographed random things all with the objective to change how people feel.


Design is the organisation and augmentation of communication with a customer or user. What excites me about it is the way it constantly changes and evolves due to it's hybridization of art, technology and psychology. I enjoy crafting beautiful work, but the best part is putting myself into the shoes of the audience to develop strategic messaging that is convincing and of relevance.


I have had extensive experience with the full adobe suite which I have employed to design for print, broadcast, cinema and web, across entertainment, fashion and corporate finance. I take great pleasure analyzing data to understand user behavior to develop a U.X. strategy, that benefits both the user and business.


In 20 years as a designer, working in both in an agency and in-house environments, I have amassed quite a large set of practical design skills. From print to web to broadcast and even writing the odd bit of music, I can use pretty much every bit of Adobe software there is. I have an excellent understanding of typography, visual hierarchy and gestalt theory in composition. These combined with an understanding of user experience and the relationship between a brand and it’s clientele allows me to see the big picture when it comes to delivering communications through all media channels. On top of all of this I’m not averse to doing a bit of coding and not at all afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty.


My process starts with research, looking at the types of persona of the target audience, who they are what sort of language they use, the types of imagery, typography and colour pallette they would be drawn to. Making a list of keywords, phrases and ideas which are then distilled into mood boards reflecting the creative direction that would evoke the desired emotions from user/customer. These explorations will also inform the user journey, in this has not already been decided in which case the user journey would then inform the creative direction.

Boreas Branding

BOREAS is a Scandinavian insurance startup that uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of purchasing insurance.
In mythology Boreas was the purple-winged god of the north wind, one of the four seasonal Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was also the god of winter who swept down from the cold mountains of Thrake (Thrace), chilling the air with his icy breath. Beyond his mountain home lay Hyperborea, a mythical land of eternal spring untouched by the god’s winds.

Cult & Bloom Branding, Web & Print Design

Cult And Bloom is an upmarket salon with close ties to botanical and environmental themes.
My client wanted to create a salon that was a sanctuary in the heart of Shoreditch that had an air of mystery about it, yet still wanted it to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. I drew a lot of inspiration from classic monograms, calligraphy and architecture reclaimed by nature playing heavily with light and shadow to create a sense of enchantment and wonder.

Betway Design System

After Win Technologies acquired the Betway in 2014 it under went an extensive re-brand and it was my responsibility to develop a design system for the brand. The challenge was to create system and methodology to be used by in house design teams to create marketing assets across all mediums while maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand narrative. Under my direction we created a set of rules, a library of assets and a processes which we implemented in a little over 3 months. We later moved this online with the use of a DAM using Byndar as the frame work which allowed us to reuse and re-purpose assets much faster by enabling a degree of self service for marketing managers. To view the document please click

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Betway Twitch In-Stream Video Ad.

Advert broadcast over Twitch streaming service during sponsored esports tournaments.

Betway Man Vs Machine

Social media and blog based campaign based upon Mike Tindall's advice vs machine based statistical analysis.

Cheltenham Campaign

A multi-channel campaign, encompassing press, digital, experiential and direct mail.
Working with a team of 6 designers I was responsible for the creative direction, workflow hierarchy, materials sourcing, as well as doing some photo editing, layout and design.

Betway VIP

Betway VIP gamified promotion.
Leaderboard based gamification for VIP clients.
Customer Journey development, art direction, design lead.

Palace Group VIP Travel Pack

Palace Group travel package containing brochure & itinerary for VIP clients.

Maildoc Brand Identity

Branding for The Direct Mail company The Maildoc.
Logo, style guide and stationary

Hippodrome Direct Mail Campaign

Glossy A5 flyer promoting the hippodrome casino sent to members of the physical casino.

Illustration for BlackMoon1348

Logo for, U.K. band Blackmoon1348
A3 pen and ink Illustration.

Stockholm Album

CD Album Artwork and Layout,
Photography, Photo-editing and digital manipulation using photoshop, typography and layout in InDesign.

Light Asylum Shallow Tears 12 inch design

Internationally released vinyl 12" single For Light Asylums-Shallow Tears
Digital photo montage created with Adobe Photoshop, Typograpy and layout in InDesign.

Terry Gilliam's The Wholly Family Digital Release Campaign

The Wholly Family is a 2011 Italian short fantasy film written and directed by Terry Gilliam.
The Guardian screened the film on a "pay per view" basis for which I Illustrated and designed press and banner adverts.
Digitally painted in photoshop, layout and typography in InDesign.

Moonracer Gamified Campaign

The leader board mechanism has become a staple of the gaming industry (somethingI introduced at Win Technologies). At Funfair I created a storyline that played on the “To The Moon” catch phrase popular within the crypto community as well as appealing to the communities appreciation for SpaceX and Elon Musk to create a racing game that pitted players against each other.



The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Interactive T.V. Advert

Before the rise in popularty in of smart phones thanks to 3G connectivity becoming more affordable interactive T.V. adverts were used for a brief period to engage consumers on mass media. Design challenges included low resolution display possibly viewed at a longish distance, very simple navigation via remote control and video was on perpetual loop rather than served of on demand.

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